Sunday, January 09, 2005

Stomach stapling and poker?

One of the identity theory staff members sent me this Chicago Tribune article, "The Making of a Poker Star", and said, rightly, that it would interest me "in an anthropological kind of

The article covers the Hollywood-ization of poker and focuses on Annie Duke as an example of the changing face of poker.

[Annie Duke's] face adorns the cover of "Tournament Poker 2005," a video game by Plainfield's Donohoe Digital and Eagle Games. She is managed by Brian Balsbaugh, a former golf agent who has built a stable of high-profile card players. She also is represented by the heavy-hitting talent agency International Creative Management.

There's a book coming out next year with her name on the spine, and Duke is developing both a movie and television sitcom based on her life (the latter through "Friends" star Lisa Kudrow's production company and NBC).

Although she became poker's highest-earning female moneymaker of all time in 2004 -- capping her achievement with a win at ESPN's Tournament of Champions and capturing a World Series of Poker bracelet -- Duke says her success isn't solely based on her card sense.

"I'm the right story at the right time," Duke says.