Saturday, February 12, 2005

Katy Lederer Interview

Hey, go read my interview with Poker Face author Katy Lederer, in which she states:

Both writing and poker function as economies of status and prestige, and both require a survivalist's iron will. That said, they both are such elegant and beautiful art forms. Both appear on the surface quite simple, and it is only after some time spent practicing them that it comes clear how incredibly complex they can be. The sign of both an expert writer and an expert poker player is that they make their respective endeavors look easy.

The thing is, neither pursuit is easy. It took my brother [Howard Lederer] two years to make any money at all playing poker. It took me ten to become proficient enough at writing that I could pull off a full-length prose narrative. In both art forms, it is possible to make money in dribs and drabs--to do well intermittently. What separates the professionally successful in these fields from all the rest is their ability to stay steady, to have stamina. It is one thing to write a good sentence, another to write a good book. Similarly, it is one thing to play a single, phenomenal hand when the deck's on your side, another to patiently wait when the deck has run cold. The person who can pull of the latter is the one who is eventually paid off.