Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My No-Limit Cash Game with Phil Gordon

I was over at the MGM Grand last night and spotted Phil Gordon on a $1/$2 no-limit hold'em table. Thanks to the always-kind floor people at the Grand (and the fact that it was after midnight on a Monday), I managed to get into the game pretty easily.

The table was really annoying to play at because everyone seemed to be trying to impress Phil with their knowledge of the game. I had trouble focusing because no one would shut up about how great they play. Phil didn't seem to mind--he was having a blast playing a lot of Rochambeau for about $20 a shot with an arrogant kid who ultimately lost $50-$100 from his inferior rock/scissors/papering.

I only got involved in a few hands with the host of Bravo's Celebrity Poker show. I raised his blind a couple of times with hands like A-K and bricked. He took a few small pots from me. Then I got pocket aces in early position and made a weak $6 raise. Phil asked for a chip count of my stack and decided to raise enough to leave me with $1 left (I'm not sure what that was about, but I went ahead and put my last dollar in when the action came back to me). Anyway, Phil had pocket queens and was unable to outdraw my aces, so I doubled through him. That was really the only substantial pot we played.

I was a little off my game that night, and we only played for a couple of hours, but regardless, I have to admit I could never get any sort of read on Phil Gordon.